Whale God's Respite

Lamia | Shirogane | W26 | P9
Tuesday, Wednesday, Sundays 9pm-12am EDT

Temple Gate

Welcome to Whale God's Respite!Val opened this as a R E S P I T E for players who are wanting something a little slower to relax away from all of the big clubs that have opened up.We are an eastern themed tavern/lounge. If you want a nice place to relax and have a nice chat with the staff we are your type of place! We have a menu of food and drinks, a free open stage for bards to go up and play. If you are a bard and the stage is free please feel free to go up and jam out. (If someone is playing just ping Val and he can work something out.)Everyone is welcome whether you're a roleplayer or just a novice venue goer we have something for you. Whale God's Respite is a SFW venue so please keep any roleplay SFW in public chat.Minions are welcome so long as the venue is not crowded!Happy to have you and I pray you enjoy your time here.
- The Whale God

Temple Staff

Patron Deity

Val "Whale God" Kujiragami

Miko - (Shrine Maidens)

The Gyo-Brothers

The Respite's Affiliates

Here at Respite we are proud to work with other venues to spread word and get people interested. If you own a venue get into touch with the Whale God and ask about how you can be added! Looking forward to working with you!Affiliates:
Senpan Teahouse- A wonderful Teahouse ran by the equally incredible Yaoi Overlord. If you are looking for a quiet place to hang out with plenty of private room to rent this is the place to be. As a fellow Namazu lover this is Val's go to venue. They offer a seasonal menu and do events frequently! Please be sure to check them out! Opens daily 10pm-2am EST.
Exodus | Lavender Beds | W26 | P3

Whale God's Blessing

Life beating you down? Head on down to Whale God's Respite and make a prayer and you may just get some good fortune!
Whale God's Blessing is a lottery game.
Entry - 100k